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2014 Puddle Duck Racer World Championship Race


Starting 07-11-2015 out monthly meet will be held on Lake Woodlands!

The Houston "Horde" is a group of boat builders and sailors located in Houston, Texas. We meet on the second Saturday of each month on Lake Woodlands at North Shore Park at 11:00 AM. We also organize sailing expeditions to other local bodies of water through out the year as well as holding "Hatchs" where the more experienced builders get together with the "new" builders and build boats together.

Our boat of choice is the Puddle Duck Racer ("PDR" for short). It is an 8 foot, cat rigged, scow (a flat bottomed sailboat with the mast in the front). It can be built in just a few days by people with little or no woodworking or boat building experience for about $200.

Our primary way of communicating is through our E-Mail list. Please feel free to join the list using the "Join our Fleet" button above, or just show up at one of our monthly meets. But don't be surprised if you are offered the chance to try sailing one of our boats. There are no dues or requirements to join.

In 2014 we won the honor of hosting the Puddle Duck Racer World Championship Race. We held it on Magnolia beach on June 13th -> 15th 2014.
"Super" Dave Sanborn took first place and became the 2014 Puddle Duck Racer World Champion! Congratulations dave!

Our own Patrick and Malcolm tied with Rick Landerville for second place.

To find out more about the Puddle Duck Racer, get free plans and other helpful information about these fun little boats please visit:


You can also read about many of our past adventures here:
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If you would like to know what it is like to go sailing with us, take a look at this video of one of our trips in Galveston Bay.